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What is the Christmas Offering?

The Christmas Offering is an opportunity for FWC to make a tangible impact in the lives of many both within our community and also outside of it. The Christmas Offering targets specific needs and opportunities where we as a church can be a blessing to those in need.

Smithville Schools CarePortal
Goal: $2,500

Smithville Schools CarePortal: CarePortal allows the school to communicate to local churches about the needs that families within the school have in a confidential way.  These needs would likely go unmet without the CarePortal.  But there is a fee associated for the school to have access to CarePortal.  This offering will cover most of that need.


Smithville Benevolence Ministries
Goal: $2,000

On a monthly basis individuals and families contact the church in need of assistance. Some we can help, others we must refer somewhere else. Some of you already give to help this area of ministry but we would like to expand the funds that we have to offer. These funds will help meet CarePortal needs, temporary lodging, meals, gas, utility bills and other needs.

FWC A/V Upgrades
Goal: $1,500

This year we upgraded our internet service to help with the quality of our livestream but discovered the computer running the livestream is now the chokepoint severely limiting our ability to host a viable, quality stream of FWC services. This new computer, amongst other needed upgrades, would significantly increase the quality we could provide to those who cannot join us in person.



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