$5,400 RAISED AS OF 12/23!

What is the Christmas Offering?

The Christmas Offering is an opportunity for FWC to make a tangible impact in the lives of many both within our community and also outside of it. The Christmas Offering targets specific needs and opportunities where we as a church can be a blessing to those in need.

shop with a cop.jpg
Smithville Police Shop With A Cop
Goal: $2,000

Smithville Police Officers run a 501(c)3 charity that helps families in our community provide Christmas to their children who may not otherwise be able to. They go above and beyond to also provide basic clothing items like coats, socks, shoes, and other basic necessities.


Convoy of Hope
Goal: $2,000

Convoy of Hope is a faith-based, nonprofit organization with a driving passion to feed the world through children’s feeding initiatives, community outreaches and disaster response. Convoy feeds more than 300,000 children worldwide each day, serves millions of people affected by natural and man-made disasters every year & gives approximately $1 million worth of goods and services to families in need at each Community Event.

Smithville Schools Harvesters BackSnack / Crisis Fund
Goal: $2,000

The BackSnack program provides a weekly backpack filled with nutritious, child-friendly food for needy and at-risk schoolchildren in the Smithville Public School District to take home over the weekend.

The Crisis Fund helps meet needs of students and families as they arise in emergency situations. It can include everything from new glasses to medical emergencies to short term lodging and so on.


Christmas Offering FAQ

Why a special offering?

As part of God’s plan to grow the faith of the people in His church, He calls us to sacrificial giving from time to time. This Special Offering is an opportunity for us to grow in our faith and to prepare us for what God wants to do through our church in 2021. This offering is not because we are behind on budget, but rather is to position us to make a greater impact in our city, in our church and around the world in 2021.

How much should I give?

Since the goal is $6,000, this Special Offering will involve everyone. We encourage everyone to give their biggest and best gift this Christmas to the Lord. Basically, determine the amount you are going to spend on the most expensive gift you want to give to someone and at least match that amount for the Christmas Offering. The precise amount you give is between you and God. The issue is not equal giving, but equal sacrifice. What amount can you give that’ll stretch your faith?

Can I give online?

Yes. When you give at fwcsmithville.com or via the FWC App, simply select “2020 Christmas Offering” under the “Fund” drop-down menu.

When should I give?

The best time to give is as soon as you can give, but you can give at any point during the designated time frame or you can even give a little bit at a time. You will be able to give until December 31st at 11:59PM via the FWC website and app. Just be sure to designate your gift for the “2020 Christmas Offering”.

Are my gifts tax deductible?

All gifts to FWC, whether via the regular offering or this Special Offering, are completely tax- deductible. Your gift will be deductible in the tax year given (i.e., gifts given in 2020 will be deductible on your 2020 taxes). Please be sure to include your name and address when you give so that a receipt can be sent to you for your tax preparations.

How will I know when we reach our goal?

We will be giving periodic updates on our progress as we approach and surpass our goal via the Sunday service and also electronic communication (email and the FWC App). Reaching this goal will be a celebration of what God can do through us as we stretch our faith under His direction.